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Slides of RAS meeting talks

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File Nuclear Astrophysics: An Chemical Evolution/End-User Perspective
Brad Gibson (University of Central Lancashire)
File C header Facilities for Nuclear Astrophysics Research
Alex Murphy (University of Edinburgh)
File text/texmacs Key Nuclear Uncertainties (for Synthesis, Origins and Impacts)
Christian Diget (University of York)
File text/texmacs NuGrid Simulations and Explosive Events
Marco Pignatari (University of Basel, CH)
File SIS package Core-collapse supernovae, their progenitors and nucleosynthesis
Stephen J. Smartt (Queen’s University Belfast)
File Oxygen Isotopes in the Solar System
Hilary Downes (Birkbeck University of London; Natural History Museum, London)
File Isotope Ratios in Stars
Karin Lind (IoA Cambridge)
File 44Ti(a,p)47V at REX – ISOLDE Implications for Core Collapse Supernovae
Vincent Margerin (University of Edinburgh)