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Annual Meeting 2021

The virtual annual BRIDGCE meeting will be held on Zoom at:

  • Monday 13 December, 3-5pm
  • Tuesday 14 December, 3-5pm
  • Wednesday 15 December, 3-5pm
  • Thursday 16 December, 3-5pm

Abstract Submission

If you would like to give a talk, please submit a talk abstract on Google Form by Wednesday 1st December. Once the abstract is accepted, it will be published on this page. The duration of contributed talks is 12+3 minutes.


The Program is released on 8th December. If you cannot make the scheduled timeslot, please contact the organizer as soon as possible.

Zoom link

This is a completely virtual meeting, on Zoom (no recording). Anyone with the Zoom link can listen to talks. Questions can be made after the talk, raising a hand in the participants list, or typing in the chat window of Zoom. The Zoom links and password of all sessions will be sent to the mailing list. We use the same Zoom link for everyday.

For speakers: Although the session starts at 3pm everyday, the Zoom link is accessible from 2pm; please connect early if you want to check the connection in advance.

Invited talks

Stuart Sim (Queen's University Belfast)
Janet Bowey (Cardiff)
Hendrik Schatz (Michigan State University)
Erin Higgins (Armagh)


Benjamin Wehmeyer (Herts & Konkoly Budapest) - chair
Federico Rizzuti (Keele) contact for abstracts
Soham Chakraborty (York)
Umberto Battino (Hull)
Chiaki Kobayashi (Herts) - supporter, contact for Zoom link