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Stuart Sim (Queen's University Belfast)

Connecting transients to nucleosynthesis: interpreting observations and testing theories for explosions from compact objects
When Dec 13, 2021
from 03:15 PM to 03:45 PM
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Understanding nucleosynthesis in astrophysics transients is important. Supernovae, and related events, make significant contribution to the creation of metals and are thus one driver of galactic chemical evolution. Studying the nucleosynthesis yields also plays a major part in constraining progenitor scenarios for some classes of transients - the elemental/isotopic yields encode information about conditions in the explosion itself. In the talk I will discuss how combinations of theoretical and observational work allow us to make progress on understanding nucleosynthesis of key elements in astrophysics explosions associated with compact objects (white dwarfs and neutron stars), and will also highlight some important open issues and ongoing work to address them.