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Robert Izzard (University of Surrey)

Modelling stellar populations in 2021
When Dec 14, 2021
from 04:00 PM to 04:15 PM
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For many years we have been modelling stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis in single and binary stars with our binary_c code. The recent lockdown has led to a number of spin-off libraries and tools which make such modelling, and the management of the (big) data so generated, much easier, and these new tools require far less technical knowledge to run than previous codes. Our new stellar-population “ensemble” data format, which uses our rchash library, provides data in a JSON format that is easily loaded and visualised with every modern programming language, including the ubiquitous Python through the binary_c-python module. Such tools are very useful in both teaching and research. We demonstrate with some Python notebooks used at recent summer schools, and show how to construct publication-ready stellar-population statistics with ease on both your PC and high-performance computing clusters.
Co-author: David Hendriks