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Federico Rizzuti (Keele)

Entrainment in 3D hydrodynamics simulations
When Dec 15, 2021
from 04:45 PM to 05:00 PM
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Our knowledge of massive star evolution is limited by uncertainties linked to multi-dimensional processes in stellar interiors. One example is convective boundary mixing (CBM), which is implemented in 1D stellar evolution models by means of simple prescriptions. 3D hydrodynamics models can help to improve these prescriptions, studying realistic multi-D processes for a short timerange (minutes or hours).
In this talk, I will discuss how the entrainment law can be fine-tuned from 3D models and then used to improve 1D stellar evolution prescriptions, and I will present results for entrainment coming from a new set of high-resolution hydrodynamics simulations of the neon-burning shell in a massive star.