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Arman Aryaeipour (Surrey)

Nucleosynthesis in Classical Nova Outbursts with WD Material Dredge-Up Using the MESA Stellar Evolution Code
When Dec 14, 2021
from 03:30 PM to 03:45 PM
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Classical novae are powerful stellar explosions that result from the interaction between a white dwarf (WD) and companion star close binary system. In this scenario, the companion star overfills its Roche-lobe allowing the WD to accrete the companion stars hydrogen-rich outer layers atop its surface until an accretion envelope of sufficient mass is accumulated to initiate nuclear reactions and a subsequent thermonuclear runaway (TNR). Spectroscopy of ejected material from classical novae outbursts show an overabundance of CNO elements and Ne, Na, Mg and Al depending on the composition of the underlying WD (CO- or ONe-rich) which nuclear processing from the TNR alone cannot account for. This suggests that material from the WD substrate is dredged-up into the accreted envelope before the envelope is ejected. In this talk, I will present the results of recent work in which the nucleosynthesis in classical novae with WD material dredge-up is modelled atop a one solar mass WD accreting solar composition material using the 1-dimensional stellar evolution code MESA.