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Slides of RAS meeting talks

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File Nuclear Astrophysics: An Chemical Evolution/End-User Perspective
Brad Gibson (University of Central Lancashire)
File Facilities for Nuclear Astrophysics Research
Alex Murphy (University of Edinburgh)
File Key Nuclear Uncertainties (for Synthesis, Origins and Impacts)
Christian Diget (University of York)
File NuGrid Simulations and Explosive Events
Marco Pignatari (University of Basel, CH)
File Core-collapse supernovae, their progenitors and nucleosynthesis
Stephen J. Smartt (Queen’s University Belfast)
File Oxygen Isotopes in the Solar System
Hilary Downes (Birkbeck University of London; Natural History Museum, London)
File Isotope Ratios in Stars
Karin Lind (IoA Cambridge)
File 44Ti(a,p)47V at REX – ISOLDE Implications for Core Collapse Supernovae
Vincent Margerin (University of Edinburgh)