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Annual Meeting 2021

The virtual annual BRIDGCE meeting will be held on Zoom at:

  • Monday 13 December, 3-5pm
  • Tuesday 14 December, 3-5pm
  • Wednesday 15 December, 3-5pm
  • Thursday 16 December, 3-5pm
  • (Friday 17 December, 3-5pm)

Abstract Submission

If you would like to give a talk, please submit a talk abstract on Google Form by Wednesday 1st December. Once the abstract is accepted, it will be published on this page. The duration of contributed talks is 12+3 minutes.


The Program is released on 8th December. If you cannot make the scheduled timeslot, please contact the organizer as soon as possible.

Zoom link

This is a completely virtual meeting, on Zoom (no recording). Anyone with the Zoom link can listen to talks. Questions can be made after the talk, raising a hand in the participants list, or typing in the chat window of Zoom. The Zoom links and password of all sessions will be sent to the mailing list.

3-5pm, 13-17th Dec: TBC



Benjamin Wehmeyer (Herts & Konkoly Budapest) - chair
Federico Rizzuti (Keele) contact for abstracts
Soham Chakraborty (York)
Umberto Battino (Hull)
Chiaki Kobayashi (Herts) - supporter